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Persimmon is obsolete

Author: Tyler Clark | Published: August 2008
About The Author:
Tyler Clark

Ironbridge Sports Park
Chester, VA

Persimmon is obsolete. Some of you already know this and some of you are asking yourself, "Self. What is persimmon?" Persimmon is wood. Wood was actually used to make golf clubs long ago. It might not be that long ago and I hope it isn't since my first few sets had persimmon woods. Enough with the history lesson, I am boring myself.

I can remember seeing the first Taylor-Made metal wood and the original Callaway Big Bertha and thinking that they were just a fad that wouldn't last. I'm still holding out, but I think I may have been mistaken on that prediction. Every year I am amazed by the newest trends that club manufacturers come out with. If you had told me tem years ago that people would be playing with square drivers from the major club manufacturers I would have suggested that you swim in the pond instead of the pool.

Each year, everyone has something new and improved which goes higher, farther, longer, straighter, closer, more accurate, or whatever you want it to do. They are making clubs in all shape sand sizes, and out of so many different materials. The amount of research that goes into these new clubs is amazing and the results that some of these clubs produce is remarkable. There truly is a club out there that can help anyone and everyone. So what is this magic club, the newest and latest design that will help your game guaranteed? I do not know. There is a different club that will help everyone and it is up to you to find it with a little help from your local professional.

I will tell you that the only thing I can guarantee is that if you buy clubs without hitting them; you will not have the same results if you hit them beforehand and in the best case scenario are fitted for them. My advice for every person thinking of buying a club is to find someplace where you can actually hit golf balls with the clubs you are thinking about buying. It would be even better if you can hit them outside and not into a net or a simulator. Find a Demo Day that is open to the public or just talk to anyplace that sells golf clubs and see if you can take the club and try it out before you buy it.

Let me put it this way; if you were going to spend a large amount of money on a new suit or dress, would you just take the salesperson's word for it or would you try it on first. You would probably even try to find a tailor to make the necessary alterations to make sure it fit perfectly.

Make an informed decision when it comes to the investment of new golf clubs. Hit them outside first, and if you can find someone to fit them for you, do it. I promise you will be happier with what you end up with. You might even find the club that helps you hit the ball where you want it to go.