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Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Questions around pending orders

Who can I contact about pending trade-ins submitted before 9/17/2023?

For order placed before 9/17, please contact GVC Customer support at 888-777-3540, or via email at

What is the expected processing time for trade-ins submitted before 9/17/2023?

Trade-Ins submitted before 9/17/2023 should be processed within 5 business days from receipt

How soon can I expect payment for orders trade-ins before 9/17/2023?

Orders placed before 9/17/2023 can expect payment to be issued within 10 Business Days of your trade-ins arrival

PGA of America Golf Professionals

Whats New?

Faster Receiving Times
Our new partners at 2nd Swing boast the fastest processing times in the industry. Your trade-in will be fully processed & paid out within 7-10 business days of delivery.

New Mobile-Friendly Design
Our new mobile-friendly website layout and Value Guide ensure a seamless user experience across various devices, meaning you can check value & take trades anywhere!

More Values
More brands & more item types in our new Value Guide means you can offer more value to your members!

Real-Time Account Info
Receive updates throughout the trade-in process so you know exactly where your trade-in stands at all times.

Donate your funds to PGA REACH
Users can donate their trade-in dollars back to the PGA of America, where 100% of their funds will go toward both PGA Section programs that grow the game and the PGA REACH program.

Rental Set Fleets on Demand
PGA Professionals have access to our new Rental Set Program, allowing them to book full sets of rental clubs from PING, TaylorMade, and Callaway on demand for events or other club needs. Sets can be shipped nationwide.

How do I login to my account?

The login process for PGA Members is handled through a single sign on process, using your PGA credentials. If this is your first time logging into the new website you will need to link your account during the sign on process.

What can I trade in?

Our Value Guide features a wide range of items found in Golf Shops nation wide. From Golf Clubs, Apparel (with & without logo), & accessories like Shafts, Launch Monitors, Bags, Shoes, Golf Balls & More!

Trade Process Questions

How does shipping work?

Customer can select to use our pre-paid shipping labels through the FedEx system. These labels are flat rate labels which are $9.99 each which is deducted from the end total of your order. ***These labels are flat rate and cover any weight or size box, but we suggest 10-12 clubs per label for shipping saftey. The $9.99 will cover the shipping of the box, but not any box or packing materials you might need.

How many clubs can I trade in at one time?

You can trade in as many clubs as you would like. You can continue to add them to the shopping cart until you are finished.

How do I get paid?

Users can select to be paid in the form of check, PayPal, or Credit. Check would be a physically mailed check to the address provided on the account. PayPal would be an electronic deposit made to the PayPal email address entered on the account. ***PayPal payment do take a 2.9% convenience fee for the use of their system. This is not taken out by PGA or 2ndSwing, but directly from PayPal. A 2nd Swing E-Gift Card will be emailed to you that is applicable towards any future purchase on

How long will it take for my order to be completed?

From the date of arrival of the package we do kindly request 7-10 business days to fully process and evaluate your trade in. You will receive a fully detailed summary via email with all items received once the order has been fully processed. Once the you have received the email the orders payment will be sent out within 1-2 business days.

What if I have questions about the received value of my trade?

The full summary email will be sent out at the completion of your order. If you have any questions or issues with the completed order, please give our team a call at 612-249-9383 and 2nd Swing will answer any questions you may have.

What is your condition scale?

We have 3 conditions set up through the trade in program. New condition would refer to clubs that have been unhit and unused. Average condition would cover used clubs which have light to normal wear and tear for a used club. Below Average would depict higher than normal wear on the club or set, including visable paint chips or skymarks. If you have any direct questions regarding our condition guide, please click on the question mark next to the condition drop down once part 3 in the selection process has been completed. This will pop up with a full breakdown of wear and useage for each condition, including photos.

How long do the shipping labels last?

Using our shipping labels they do have an expiration of 2 weeks from the submission date.

How do I add or subtract clubs once an order has been submitted?

If you would like to adjust an order after it has been submitted, please give our customer service team a call 612-249-9383. We would be more than happy to help you out.

What if I have an item to trade in that is not listed?

The items listed on the trade in site would be the items we are trading in at this time. If you are looking to trade in an item that is not listed, please send our team an email with some photos of the item to see if we would be able to provide pricing.

What is considered an iron set?

***Iron sets must consist of a minimum of 5 consecutive clubs with matching shafts, including a Pitching Wedge (PW)

What if I am trading in a combo set?

Our system will have specifc codes created for Combo Sets that are naturally paired together by the most prominent equipment manufacturers. To be considered a combo set the set must have all matching shafts. Please give our team a call at 612-249-9383 to quote out the sets not found in the system.

Where can I find a box?

You can utilize the box from your golf club purchase as long as the clubs will fit. Otherwise any box the customer can find that fits the clubs will do. If all else fails you can purchase a box through FedEx when shipping out the order. ***Please make sure to have the FedEx team use an appropriate box 50x5x5 to make sure the clubs are safe in transit.

How are my clothing and accessories rated?

Clothing must have original tag and be unworn and unwashed to be considered in new condition.

Clothing and accessories with noticeable snags, stains, discoloring, and sunspots are considered blemished and have no value. Items with minor snags, stains, discoloring, and sunspots may be considered “Slightly Blemished” for a 50% reduced value. Any styles outside of 10 years old in new condition may be subject to pricing adjustments. Any logo’s other than Country Club or Golf Club logo may be subject to price changes.

Rangefinders and GPS Units must come with all buttons working and operate as intended. No cracks in screen or major scratches on units. All necessary & applicable accessories are included with device and are fully functioning (charger, battery, USB cable). Items deemed non functional are subject to $0 value & returned at customer’s expense. Items with excessive wear are subject to reduced values.

If you have any questions regarding condition, please contact us via phone or email.