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About Us

At Golf Stix, Inc DBA 2nd Swing Golf, we are dedicated to supporting PGA members and their professional endeavors in the world of golf. We understand the importance of providing reliable resources and tools to assist PGA professionals in their daily activities and enhance their overall success.

Our commitment to PGA members stems from our deep appreciation for the game of golf and the invaluable contributions made by these dedicated individuals. We recognize that PGA professionals play a vital role in shaping the golf industry, from teaching and coaching to organizing tournaments and fostering a love for the sport.

As part of our mission to support PGA members, Golf Stix, Inc DBA 2nd Swing Golf offers a comprehensive platform that allows professionals to maximize the value of their golf equipment. We understand that golf clubs are essential tools of the trade, and their performance can greatly impact a player’s game. That’s why we provide a reliable and accurate valuation service for used golf clubs, enabling PGA members to determine fair market prices and make informed decisions.

By utilizing our innovative online platform, PGA professionals can easily evaluate the worth of their golf equipment and explore various selling options. Whether they are looking to upgrade their clubs, raise funds for charitable initiatives, or simply optimize their inventory, Golf Stix, Inc DBA 2nd Swing Golf offers a convenient and efficient solution. Our advanced algorithm considers various factors such as brand, model, condition, and demand to provide accurate valuations, ensuring fair transactions for both sellers and buyers.

Furthermore, we strive to empower PGA members by offering them an additional avenue to generate income. Through our trade-in program, professionals can exchange their used clubs for store credit, allowing them to invest in new equipment or other golf-related resources. This program not only facilitates financial flexibility but also promotes sustainable practices by encouraging the recycling and repurposing of golf clubs.

Golf Stix, Inc DBA 2nd Swing Golf is proud to be a trusted partner of over 30,000 PGA members, supporting their goals and aspirations within the golfing community. We remain committed to delivering exceptional services, innovative technology, and valuable resources that enable PGA professionals to excel in their careers and provide exceptional experiences for their clients and golf enthusiasts worldwide.