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How to use the PGA Value Guide

The PGA Value Guide is a simple, efficient on-line interface designed to lead users to the specific golf club and golf club values they are seeking as easily and quickly as possible. Users are first prompted to select a golf club brand, either from the short list of direct links provided at the top of the homepage of top tier manufacturers including Adams, Ben Hogan, Callaway, Cleveland, Cobra, Mizuno, Nike, Odyssey, Ping, TaylorMade, Titleist and Wilson, OR from the anchor link below containing an expansive list of all golf club manufacturer brands represented in the PGA Value Guide.

The total number of golf club models currently listed in the PGA Value Guide, and the exact date every week when the PGA Value Guide is updated, is also included on the homepage to inform users of the scope of golf club models and accuracy of information and golf club values included in the PGA Value Guide.

Upon selecting a golf club manufacturer brand, a list of all golf club models related to the selected golf club brand is presented, organized by golf club product type. The golf club product types listed from top to bottom are drivers, fairway woods/hybrids, iron sets, putters and wedges. For the user seeking a specific golf club model, the final golf club detail and values page is only two clicks from the homepage as the user can simply select the specific golf club model with a second click. For the user doing more of an open search, selecting a specific golf club product type further narrows the search to the list of specific models under the selected golf club product type and brand. The final detail page containing the target golf club model includes important content and several helpful features. Specifically, the complete golf club model name, a large and expandable image of the club club head, and detailed features and benefits are provided for the golf club model to help users confirm their target search. Hi, Mid and Low Trade-In and Retail values are neatly presented, each with a link for more information on why and how the golf club values are calculated. As measures of confidence, the total number of transactions, as well as the most recent transaction date for the specific golf club model are listed above the golf club values. Where applicable, golf club values are further segmented by the graphite and steel golf club shaft specification.

Additional features on the final golf club detail page add to a positive, complete user experience. Links are provided below the golf club values to continue the PGA Value Guide search experience to see other golf club models within the product type, see other golf club product types within the selected brand, or see other golf club brands.

Also, advanced functionality records and stores each golf club model search, and lists them chronologically under the toolbox navigation on the right of the page. Finally, users can email the golf club model page to a friend directly from the final detail page.

Users may enter their zipcode to tap into a National network of PGA Professional staffed facilities that recognize and use the PGA Value Guide, and who will offer a fair trade-in value for used golf club trade-ins toward new golf club (or other merchandise) purchases.

About the contributors

PGA Logo, is the on-line home of the PGA of America, the largest working sports organization in the world comprised of more than 28,000 dedicated men and women promoting the game of golf to everyone, everywhere.

In Depth

Understanding Golf Club Fair Market Values

The PGA Value Guide provides consumers and retailers with access to up-to-the-minute, trade-in and resale values for used golf clubs. In comparison to arbitrary manufacturer or retailer rate cards, the PGA Value Guide's "engine" is a complex, real-time statistical program that combines programming, statistical and golf club expertise. As a result of the combination of the scale of the marketplace and the sophistication of the PGA Value Guide, it is fair to say the golf club values it displays are the fair and accurate "market value" ranges for the huge database of golf clubs involved. Please note: The value of an item is ultimately determined by the individual parties to the transaction. The PGA Value Guide does not dictate or set golf club values in any way. It is intended as a resource to empower consumers and retailers to quickly reach fair golf club trade-in transactions.