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How to use the Value Guide

The Value Guide is a simple, efficient on-line interface designed to lead users to the specific golf club and golf club values they are seeking as easily and quickly as possible. Users are first prompted to select a golf club brand, either from the short list of direct links provided at the top of the homepage of top tier manufacturers including Adams, Ben Hogan, Callaway, Cleveland, Cobra, Mizuno, Nike, Odyssey, Ping, TaylorMade, Titleist and Wilson, OR from the anchor link below containing an expansive list of all golf club manufacturer brands represented in the Value Guide.

The total number of golf club models currently listed in the Value Guide, and the exact date every week when the Value is updated, is also included on the homepage to inform users of the scope of golf club models and accuracy of information and golf club values included in the Value Guide.

Upon selecting a golf club manufacturer brand, a list of all golf club models related to the selected golf club brand is presented, organized by golf club product type. The golf club product types listed from top to bottom are drivers, fairway woods/hybrids, iron sets, putters and wedges. For the user seeking a specific golf club model, the final golf club detail and values page is only two clicks from the homepage as the user can simply select the specific golf club model with a second click. For the user doing more of an open search, selecting a specific golf club product type further narrows the search to the list of specific models under the selected golf club product type and brand. The final detail page containing the target golf club model includes important content and several helpful features. Specifically, the complete golf club model name, a large and expandable image of the club club head, and detailed features and benefits are provided for the golf club model to help users confirm their target search. Hi, Mid and Low Trade-In and Retail values are neatly presented, each with a link for more information on why and how the golf club values are calculated. As measures of confidence, the total number of transactions, as well as the most recent transaction date for the specific golf club model are listed above the golf club values. Where applicable, golf club values are further segmented by the graphite and steel golf club shaft specification.

Additional features on the final golf club detail page add to a positive, complete user experience. Links are provided below the golf club values to continue the Value Guide search experience to see other golf club models within the product type, see other golf club product types within the selected brand, or see other golf club brands.

Also, advanced functionality records and stores each golf club model search, and lists them chronologically under the toolbox navigation on the right of the page. Finally, users can email the golf club model page to a friend directly from the final detail page.

Users may enter their zipcode to tap into a National network of PGA Professional staffed facilities that recognize and use the Value Guide, and who will offer a fair trade-in value for used golf club trade-ins toward new golf club (or other merchandise) purchases.

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Why the Value Guide was created


The Value Guide was created through the collaboration of three key golf industry stakeholders -, eBay and - to fill a need in the used golf club market for credible, powerful value standards. In general, reliable golf club industry value standards are needed to make the buying, selling and trading of used golf clubs more efficient and fair for both retailers and consumers. Proven in the used automobile market, one of the largest and most efficient secondary markets in the world, industry-accepted value standards are the requisite for consumer and retailer participation, and ultimately market efficiency. Automobile industry value guides like Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds serve both consumers and retailers by setting expectations for the value of a used automobile. Consequently, the experiences of trading, buying and selling used automobiles is easier, most consumers and retailers participate in the market and a constant flow of inventory is available at fair market prices. This is the essence of an efficient marketplace, and the end goal of the Value Guide within the golf club industry.

With similar market dynamics at work in the golf club industry, the opportunity is great for the Value Guide to achieve similar market results, effectively greasing the wheels of the secondary market for golf clubs. The eBay marketplace, from which the Value Guide derives its values, represents the largest, fastest growing, most product diverse and efficient market for used golf clubs, and therefore provides the most powerful and accurate source for fair market golf club values. Armed with the Value Guide, the trading, buying and selling of used golf clubs will be easier, more retailers and consumers will participate in the secondary golf club market, and more used golf clubs will become available at fair market prices. In the end, consumers and the game of golf are the key benifactors of the Value Guide as an efficient secondary market for golf clubs makes the game more affordable to more people.

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About the contributors, a division of Turner Sports Interactive, is the on-line home of the PGA of America, the largest working sports organization in the world comprised of more than 28,000 dedicated men and women promoting the game of golf to everyone, everywhere.


eBay, The World's Online MarketPlace, is the leading online auction platform in the world, and one of the largest and fastest growing channels for the purchase and sale of used golf equipment., Inc., is a leading online direct retailer and eBay Powerseller of used and like-new golf equipment., Inc. is responsible for spearheading the development and on-going maintainance of the Value Guide in collaberation with and eBay.

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In Depth Quick Jump:

Understanding Golf Club Fair Market Values

The Value Guide provides consumers and retailers with access to up-to-the-minute, trade-in and resale values for used golf clubs. These values are derived from what golf clubs are actually selling for in the world's largest marketplace for used golf clubs, eBay. In comparison to arbitrary manufacturer or retailer rate cards, the Value Guide's "engine" is a complex, real-time statistical program that combines programming, statistical and golf club expertise. As a result of the combination of the scale of the marketplace and the sophistication of the Value Guide, it is fair to say the golf club values it displays are the fair and accurate "market value" ranges for the huge database of golf clubs involved. Please note: The value of an item is ultimately determined by the individual parties to the transaction. The Value Guide does not dictate or set golf club values in any way. It is intended as a resource to empower consumers and retailers to quickly reach fair golf club trade-in transactions.

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Best Practices of Trading In Golf Clubs

If you are planning on trading in your used golf clubs toward new golf clubs (or other merchandise) there are a couple practical steps you can take to ensure success. First, know what your golf clubs are worth, and second, trade them in with someone you can trust. The Value Guide can help with both! Simply look up your golf clubs to find their value range. You can note the number of eBay transactions the fair market values are based on, as well as the most recent transaction date that was included in the data analysis. (A high transaction number and a recent transaction date further ensures the accuracy of the golf club value information). You may even wish to print out the golf club value page and bring it with you when you go to trade-in.

Once you've found the value range of your golf club trade-ins, simply enter your zipcode to find a PGA Professional-staffed retail location near you. These PGA Trade-In Network Authorized facilities will offer you a fair value for your golf club trade-in toward new golf club (or other merchandise) purchases. You should note that many facilities will also accept golf club trade-ins for merchandise credit toward other purchases like clothing, accessories or even greens fees, so if you've got other used golf clubs hanging around the garage that you'd like to turn into something more useful, be sure to ask your PGA Professional about this service.

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Get a Free Equipment Fitting From a PGA Professional in April!

There was a time when only the best players had their golf clubs custom fit. Now, custom fitting is something for golfers of all skill levels so they can improve their play and, consequently, better enjoy the game of golf. During the month of April, PGA professionals across the country will be providing free equipment fittings as part of the second annual PGA Free Fitting & Trade-Up Month. Last year nearly 3,000 PGA Professionals participated in the program giving more than 31,000 free fittings across the country.

During PGA Free Fitting & Trade-Up Month, participating PGA Professionals across the country will provide free 15-minute expert equipment fitting sessions and complete a "Free Fitting & Trade-Up Month Equipment Profile" for every golfer they fit to ensure that the equipment he or she currently owns, or the new equipment they plan to purchase, is the right fit for the golfer and his or her game.

"Proper equipment fitting is an important factor in playing better golf," PGA of America President Brian Whitcomb said. "PGA Free Fitting & Trade-Up Month gives PGA Professionals a platform to remind the golfing public how important equipment fitting is to the total game experience."

PGA Free Fitting & Trade-Up Month targets golfers of all skill levels and seeks to increase their participation, performance and enjoyment of the game, while at the same time raising the awareness, relevance and competence of PGA Professionals in the eyes of consumers as equipment technology and fitting experts.

Players who get fitted by a PGA Professional can expect to potentially consistently drive the ball straighter and longer; hit all shots more accurately; have noticeably better distance control; and shave strokes with better short game execution. Custom fitting by a PGA Professional gives everyone, from the novice to the experienced golfer, a better opportunity to have more fun playing golf and shave strokes off the scorecard.

Participating PGA Professionals are also PGA Trade-In Network authorized trade-in facilities, allowing golfers to trade-up to new, fitted golf clubs more affordably by accepting their used golf club trade-ins at fair market values based on the Value Guide, The National Standard for Golf Club Values.

Consumers can find the most updated list of participating PGA Professionals in their area by inserting their zip code at

PGA Free Fitting & Trade-Up Month is offered by The PGA of America in partnership with Golf Digest, the PGA Trade-In Network, and the Value Guide. The April issue of Golf Digest will include the consumers' PGA Free Fitting & Trade-Up Card which they can take to any participating PGA Professionals to be completed. PGA Professionals participating in the program will be promoted in the May issue of Golf Digest.

As an added incentive, every golfer who experiences a free custom fitting session and sends in a PGA Free Fitting & Trade-Up Card is entered for a chance to win sweepstakes prizes listed below:


  • Grand Prize Winner
    • Ultimate Fitting Experience at the PGA Learning Center in Port St. Lucie , Fla.
      • Round-trip economy airfare to Port St. Lucie , Fla.
      • Two-days, three-nights hotel accommodations
      • Three-day golf school at the PGA Learning Center with a PGA Professional
      • Custom equipment-fitting session with TaylorMade's MAT-T fitting system
      • One set of custom-fit TaylorMade golf clubs
  • 10 Runner-up Prize Winners
    • One set of custom-fit golf clubs from one of the top brands in golf

PGA Free Fitting & Trade-Up official sweepstakes sponsors include Adams Golf, Callaway Golf, Cleveland Golf, Cobra, MacGregor, Mizuno, Nike Golf, PING, TaylorMade, and Titleist with additional support from Golf Pride.

PGA Free Fitting & Trade Up Month is one of several programs designed to grow and stimulate participation in the game of golf under "Play Golf America ," a national marketing umbrella campaign that is supported by the golf industry. All participating PGA Professionals in Play Golf America programs can be found on the industry supported Web site Play Golf America was developed by The PGA of America, with the support of Allied Associations including: the LPGA, National Golf Course Owners Association, PGA Tour, USGA and others involved in the annual Golf 20/20 Conference.

The PGA of America is the world's largest working sports organization comprised of 28,000 men and women golf Professionals who are the recognized experts in growing, teaching and managing the game of golf while serving millions of people throughout its 41 PGA Sections nationwide. Since its founding in 1916, The PGA of America has enhanced its leadership position in a $62 billion-a-year industry by growing the game of golf through its premier spectator events, world-class education and training programs, significant philanthropic outreach initiatives, and award-winning golf promotions. Today's PGA Professional is the public's link to the game, serving an essential role in the operation of golf facilities throughout the country.

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Learn More About Marketplace Data From eBay

eBay Marketplace Data is the raw data resulting from completed golf club auctions in the eBay marketplace. This comprehensive raw data can best be thought of as the "fuel" with which the Value Guide engine runs. Since eBay is the largest, fastest growing, and most product-diverse marketplace for used golf clubs, with more than 85 million registered users buying and selling online and with golf being one of eBay's fastest growing categories, eBay Marketplace Data provides the most thorough and accurate source for fair market golf club values. Go to

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