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Privacy Policy

The PGA Value Guide ( is operated by Global Value Commerce, Inc. ("herein referred to as either "the Company" "Global Value Commerce," "We," or "Us") pursuant to agreements with the Professional Golfers Association of America ("PGA"), its affiliates, designees and licensees. We are committed to respecting your privacy on this site. To perform our services to our customers ("our Services"), we will require information (including name, address, email address and other information) regarding our customers ("Users"). . Please take the time to read the full privacy statement. You consent to the data collection, use, disclosure and storage practices described in this privacy policy when you use any of our Services (as described below), including when you access any content or videos. We will maintain the confidentiality of information provided in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

We may change this policy from time to time, and if we do we will provide notice on this Web site regarding any changes to this policy. This Privacy Policy was updated on October 23, 2019.

1. Information That Is Personally Identifiable

Our trade-in process requests certain contact information from our Users. We collect information that is personally identifiable through the trade-in process when processing your trade-in. When a User completes a trade-in, the format may require personally identifiable information, including, but not limited to, name address, e-mail address, telephone number, fax number and other demographic information such as age, birth date and gender)

The information we obtain through this process may be used by GLOBAL VALUE COMMERCE, as well as by providers of related services, in connection with processing your transaction. We also use contact information from the registration format to send the User information about us and when otherwise necessary. Such information may also be used to assess your satisfaction with and to obtain feedback regarding the Service we provide and to tailor the visitor's experience while visiting our Web site.

We may use the contact information we collect to provide, by means other than email, information or offers which we believe will be of value to Users and we may share contact information with other companies that may want to provide our Users, by means other than email, information regarding additional products and services. We may also use the contact information to send our Users information or offers by email which we believe will be of value to them and we may share email contact information with other companies that may want to provide our Users information regarding additional products and services. Such contact information may be shared based upon the demographic information we collect. Users may opt-out of receiving future communications at any time; see the section below regarding "Opt-out".

Finally, the information we collect will be maintained in a file that we may need to review in a variety of other circumstances, such as enforcing our Terms of Use for Users, analyzing and understanding our customers and their needs, and for the administration and provision of our goods and services.

As a User of the Service, you consent to the aforementioned uses of such information and the provision of information to service providers that facilitate the Service, all in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

2. Aggregate Information

Subject to the other terms of our Privacy Policy, we may aggregate (i.e. assemble on a basis that does not enable one to personally identify you) the data that is acquired under or in connection with this site and/or related to ordering our products and services, including, without limitation, data about the products and services requested and purchased by our Users. Aggregated data may be used by us to improve our Services and for marketing purposes, and may be shared with and used by advertisers and other third parties. We may also use such data to determine what types of services are best suited for our customers and what types of services our customers request. If we provide aggregated data to third parties, particular personal information (including birth date, name, title, income level, home address, dependent information and any other identifying information) will not be individually identifiable in the aggregated data.

Notwithstanding anything in this privacy policy to the contrary, GLOBAL VALUE COMMERCE has contracted with third parties to provide tracking and analysis of information and data collected from visitors to our website. GLOBALVALUECOMMERCE reserves the right to provide that information and data to such third parties for those purposes. Such information and data is provided on a basis that does not enable a third party to identify you.

3. Use of Information

GLOBAL VALUE COMMERCE may provide certain demographic information it collects to third parties in connection with its provision of Services to our Users. The dissemination of this information is necessary in order to provide personalized information and promotional offers. Except as disclosed in this Privacy Policy, our current policy is to refrain from selling, leasing, or otherwise transferring your personally identifiable information, however, this policy does not apply in all cases and this policy may be changed in the future. We describe below some of the situations in which such information may be disclosed. GLOBAL VALUE COMMERCE will never provide our promotional affiliates with personally identifiable information which would permit them to communicate with our Users by email unless the User "opts-in" and have not "opted-out", pursuant to our opt-out procedure, from receiving communications. You may have the opportunity to ask us to provide your information to these promotional affiliates. We expect those promotional partners with whom we share information (with consent, as provided herein) to respect the privacy of our Users in the same manner as we do. However, we cannot ensure that they abide by our privacy policies.

The information we collect may also include information you submit about others, including the name, e-mail address or physical address of a gift recipient. We only use information you submit about other people to deliver information, products, or services specifically requested by you or to cooperate with law enforcement officials in the investigation of alleged unlawful activities of our customers.

4. Policy on Children's Use of the Site

This Site is, generally, directed at persons over the age of 13 and we do not knowingly collect personal information from or about children under the age of 13 except as relating to a specific order for products or services. If we, at any time, learn that information relating to a child under the age of 13 that we have obtained is other than as set forth above, we shall immediately purge such information from our records.

5. Cookies

Like most other web sites, GLOBAL VALUE COMMERCE’s servers may automatically track certain information about activity on our web site. This information allows us to keep our web site running efficiently. This information may include: the browser being used (such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, etc.); your operating system (such as Macintosh, Windows, etc.); your IP address; and the referring URL and all company URLs you visit. We use your IP address to help diagnose problems with our server, and to administer our web site, but your IP address is not connected to information that is personally identifiable.

In addition, GLOBAL VALUE COMMERCE may use "cookies" on certain pages of our web site to automatically collect information from a visitor to our web site and transfer this information to the visitor's hard drive. Cookies help us recognize repeat visitors, allowing communication of a personalized welcome message and tailoring of content to match particular interests.

We also may use outside advertising companies to display advertisements on our site. These advertisements may also contain cookies. Some customer data may be shared with the advertising affiliates on an aggregated basis in accordance with the other terms of this Privacy Policy. Because cookies are stored on your hard drive, not on our web site, you are always free to set your browser to decline cookies and you can delete them from your computer. If you decline "cookies" or delete them from your computer, you will still be able to access our Web site, but you may find that some areas do not work as smoothly as when cookies are enabled on your system.

6. Other Use

It is possible that GLOBAL VALUE COMMERCE, its business and/or assets, its present or future subsidiaries, joint ventures or any combination of such, could merge with or be acquired in one or more types of transactions by another business entity or entities. Should such transaction(s) occur, GLOBAL VALUE COMMERCE has your permission to share some or all of your information in order to, among other things, continuation of one or more services similar to all or a portion of the Services that GLOBAL VALUE COMMERCE currently provides. Notice of such an event (to the extent that it takes place) will be posted on this web site and we will require that the new combined entity adhere to the practices disclosed in this Privacy Policy.

7. Disclosure for Legal Purposes

Given the government's ongoing interest in Internet regulation, you hereby authorize us to disclose information pursuant to judicial and administrative proceedings, and in connection with law enforcement activities and as otherwise may be permitted by law, to law enforcement or government agencies if we believe the disclosure is necessary or appropriate. You also authorize us to disclose information if we believe the disclosure is necessary or appropriate in the event of an investigation of improper or illegal conduct in connection with our web site, such as fraud, misrepresentation, intellectual-property infringement, or other activity that may put us at risk for liability. We will, whenever we believe reasonably possible, use our reasonable efforts to inform a User whose information may be so revealed.

8. Other Parties and Your Information

This policy only relates to our collection and use of your information, except as otherwise provided. We are not responsible for the privacy policies and practices of promotional affiliates or other third parties to which we may provide links. GLOBAL VALUE COMMERCE does not have control over the privacy policies applied by any other party to whom you may disclose information to when linked from our web site. If you would like information on any other party's privacy policy, you should contact that party directly, and we encourage you to do so.

9. Security

GLOBAL VALUE COMMERCE employs standard industry measures to protect and ensure the confidentiality of your personally identifiable information, including the use of firewalls and SSL encryption. Despite these efforts, we cannot guarantee the security of your information given the current state of the Internet. We also do not undertake to maintain information about you for a duration greater than as provided by law, rule or regulation.

GLOBAL VALUE COMMERCE engages in other security measures, as follows:

  • Physical security of the systems against theft and damage
  • Software integrity to ensure that only authorized personnel can implement or modify software
  • Disaster recovery planning processes and systems
  • Data integrity to check the validity of certain data
  • Data security administration procedures to ensure proper monitoring and auditing

We believe we employ security measures that adequately address the security needs of our GLOBAL VALUE COMMERCE customers.

10. How You Can Modify Information, Opt Out, or Contact Us

You can review and modify (or remove) the information you provide us in the registration process if this information changes. The information that you may change (or remove) includes any information provided on our trade-in or registration format. To make any of these changes, you may log on to this site and make the changes directly after you have received an identification and password for the transaction or for the individual order.

After either registering on this web site or otherwise using our registration module, your registration on our web site will be confirmed by an email correspondence to your email address. If you do not object to such email within three days, it will constitute your consent to receive email notices and other email communications from PGA Value Guide, GLOBAL VALUE COMMERCE and its advertisers and promotional affiliates. In the event you no longer wish to receive such email notices or other email communications from us, you may opt-out by removing yourself through our opt-out procedures. You may also contact us at if you no longer wish to be enrolled as a User.

To contact us with questions about this policy or other inquiries send us an email at and write "Privacy Policy" in the subject line.

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