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Selecting a new driver

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Mike Fischer is a P.G.A. Golf Professional at Westwood Country Club in Vienna, Virginia. A member of the PGA since 1992, Mike honed his teaching skills with Pete Oakley, 2004 British Senior Open Champion.Mike's instruction emphasizes using sound fundamentals in both the full swing and short game. Mike is a native of Alexandria, Virginia and enjoys spending time with his wife Tricia and twin daughters Morgan and Taylor.

Westwood Country Club
Vienna, Virginia
Author: Tom Morton | Published: August 2008

There are 3 basic components of a golf club, the head, shaft and grip. Let's start the head. There are 3 main features the size, shape and loft. Here are some factors you should consider. The larger the head the greater the "sweet spot". Also the center of gravity will be lower. There are 2 basic shapes, round and pear shape. You should select the size and shape that "looks" the best to you. The loft is very important a higher handicapper with lower club head speed should select a 10 to 12 degree lofted driver, so he can get the ball in the air easier. A golfer with a faster club head speed should go with a lower loft like a 7 to 9 degree, so the ball won't "balloon" up in the air.

Shafts are the most important component and since most offer graphite, let's go over the different options. Shafts come in different weight, flex, and flex point and torque or twisting of the shaft. A golfer with lower club head speed should look at a shaft with a regular flex, a lower kick or bend point, a lighter shaft (63 to 73 grams) and more torque (4.0 to 5.0). A better golfer should consider a stiffer shaft, a mid to high kick point and a lower torque say (2.5 to 3.9). Knowledge is important, but the best way to find the right shaft is to try a couple different ones and get the one that feels the best.

It's also important to get the right grip because; your hands are controlling the golf club. So, remember not all grips are the same, some are round and some have a rib down the back. They come in all different sizes from .60 (small) to midsize, some are all rubber, some have cork in them and some have a combination of both.

So in conclusion when selecting a new driver remember to try a few demos and don't be afraid to ask your P.G.A Golf Professional for help.