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The Importance Of Feel & Eye Appeal

About The Author:
Rick Johnson

Hyannisport Club
Hyannis Port, MA
Author: Rick Johnson | Published: August 2008

With the incredible amount of quality product and technology available in the golf industry the choice of choosing equipment has become a challenging process to many.

Choosing the right set make up from driver, fairway woods,hybrid, irons, wedges and putter has really become an arduous and confusing journey.

One element that is seriously under emphasized in the process is the individual's own sense of feel and what their eye enjoys when looking down at the club as it fits into the ball at address.

With the help of the trained golf professional to advise on lie angle, shaft length and flex with a golfers choice in an iron set as well as shaft flex, flex points and gram weight with wood selections the golfer now has a job to do in understanding the importance on selecting what feels good to them. Also the potential buyer should be educated on eye appeal and the importance of this key fit component.

What looks good and feels good to one can have a whole different sense to another.
This key ingredient was the way clubs were sold years ago when choices were fewer and technology was simpler. Now with the incredible advent of lighter weight materials the sense of feel is much more important. The sensation of feel lessened in recent years. As the professional knows, a golfer swings the club better when the movement of weight throughout the club and the feel the club head is sending to the player during the swing fits the players sense of feel.

This very important, and again under emphasized element of cub fitting, is gained by experimenting or simply trying a majority of product.Before a purchase is made the golfer should go through an extensive trial period of looking at product for a certain fit to his or her eye and with the help of a professional gain a certain understanding of what feels right to them. Actually the element of sound is also involved in club purchase especially with a driver selection. Once decisions and determinations are madein these areas the professional is ready to fit the golfer to their needed specifications.

The end result is that if a set fits the golfer properly spec wise and now looks and feels great to them they are on their way to enjoying their equipment to the optimum.