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Cobra S2 Offset Driver

Trade-In Value*
Resale Value*
Low: $13.00
Mid: $15.30
High: $19.00


*Est. trade-in value based on data and analysis from The PGA Value Guide™
Low: $40.00
Mid: $46.00
High: $53.00


*Est. resale value based on data and analysis from The PGA Value Guide™
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Quick Stats

Quick Stats



Year of Introduction:


MSRP (new):


Head Material:

Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

• Great for mid- to high-handicap golfers who want maximum forgiveness and a high, draw-biased (anti-slice) ball flight
• The new, more traditional head shape maximizes energy transfer while making drives sound as good as they look
• The Cobra S2 Offset Driver is designed with a thin stamped face
• 9 Point Face Technology increases ball speed across the clubface for consistently long and accurate drives
• The offset design offers maximum draw bias (anti-slice), promoting a square face at impact for longer, more consistent drives

About The Manufacturer

About The Manufacturer

Cobra is among the fastest growing golf club brands in the industry, experiencing significant market share increase within its metal woods and irons category. Cobra’s mission is to make the game more enjoyable for golfers by offering quality performance and innovative technology-based products at a fair price. Cobra products are designed for the ‘average, avid’ golfer, with performance goals of distance, greater accuracy and forgiveness.