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Cobra S9-1 M Graphite Fairway Wood

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Quick Stats



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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

• The S9-1 M fairway wood features a revised steel clubhead with a “Hotter 9 Points” larger deep clubface area and lightweight composite crown
• The S9-1 M produces a high launch and maximum carry
• “Hotter 9 Points” technology results in better performance for higher ball speeds and a more consistent ball flight across the entire clubface
• Revised efficient clubhead and shape push the Center of Gravity back and low for more forgiveness
• Dual Rhombus Technology refined internal crown rib geometry results in sounds and feel that is satisfying as the looks

About The Manufacturer

About The Manufacturer

Cobra is among the fastest growing golf club brands in the industry, experiencing significant market share increase within its metal woods and irons category. Cobra’s mission is to make the game more enjoyable for golfers by offering quality performance and innovative technology-based products at a fair price. Cobra products are designed for the ‘average, avid’ golfer, with performance goals of distance, greater accuracy and forgiveness.

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