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Carbite Carizma Steel Putter

Why are there no values shown for this golf club?

In the unlikely event that values do not appear for a golf club in The PGA Value Guide, a minimum quantity of transactions for the specific golf club model may not have occurred within The PGA Value Guide's analysis window. In order to maintain accuracy, and therefore uphold credibility in the values, a minimum quantity of "recent" historical data is required within the PGA Value Guide's statistical analysis model. Please note, this does not necessarily mean the golf club has no value!

*note:The PGA Value Guide provides additional information about the number of transactions a value is based on as well as the most recent transaction date. These factors contribute to the accuracy of value information and should be factored into your assessment.

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About The Manufacturer

About The Manufacturer

Based in Carlsbad, California, Carbite was founded in 1988 with the mission of producing game-improvement golf clubs by utilizing the most advanced materials technology. Carbite focused on applying the science of metallurgy to club making with the goal of producing high performance wedges. In 1992, Carbite’ introduced “Polar Balanced” technology which combines heavy tungsten at the heel and toe, with lightweight materials in the putter head, to ensure a larger sweet spot so that square hits are solid and consistent, and off-center hits perform better than usual. Many PGA touring professionals on worldwide tours have used Carbite putters.