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Never Compromise Voodoo Daddy Long Steel Putter

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Quick Stats

Quick Stats


Never Compromise

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Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

• The Voodoo Daddy line is the second in the series of “face balanced” Voodoo mallet putters
• Increased weighting toward the heel and toe
• Increased length from face to tail
• Increased Moment of Inertia (MOI) decreases twisting on slightly off center hits for more accurate putting
• Recognizable for the Never Compromise signature black-gray-black color combination which facilitates proper alignment and aim.
• Computer Numerically Controlled (CNC) milling makes for precision and consistent shaping and weighting
• Aluminum is known for a soft but solid feel on impact
• Large tungsten weight in the rear orients the center of gravity toward the rear for decreased skid and quicker roll off it’s 4’ lofted face
• Pronounced and extended visual sightline makes aiming easier

About The Manufacturer

About The Manufacturer

Founded in 1997 by Vikash Sanyal, a former marketing executive with Odyssey Golf, Never Compromise, Inc. designs and manufactures a premium line of putters that apply a unique three-piece construction, as well as a trademarked black-grey-black color scheme. In the first couple years of operation, Never Compromise putters enjoyed significant use and success on worldwide professional tours. In 2003, however, the company faced significant golf economy and financial challenges, and was subsequently acquired by Cleveland Golf. Cleveland Golf re-launched the Never Compromise brand and putter line and is investing significant resources to re-establish it as one of the top putter brands in the industry.

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