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In the market for new equipment? Always wondered about the benefits of club fitting? Want to become a walking encyclopedia of golf knowledge? That's where the Value Guide Golf Equipmet Buying Guides below come in! Each one addresses a specific area of interest to golfers just like you, and each one is written by a PGA Professional, the golf equipment and technology experts.

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Persimmon is obsolete
Author: Tyler Clark | Published: August 2008

Persimmon is obsolete. Some of you already know this and some of you are asking yourself, “Self. What is persimmon?” Persimmon is wood. Wood was actually used to make golf clubs long ago... (read more)

Why Should I Replace My Grips?
Author: Dennis C. Murray | Published: August 2008

This is a good question deserving a comprehensive answer. There are many reasons why grips should be replaced. Let's begin by making a list of these reasons and examine how each one affects your ability as a golfer... (read more)

The Importance Of Feel & Eye Appeal
Author: Rick Johnson | Published: August 2008

With the incredible amount of quality product and technology available in the golf industry the choice of choosing equipment has become a challenging process to many... (read more)

Selecting a new driver
Author: Mike Fischer | Published: August 2008

There are 3 basic components of a golf club, the head, shaft and grip. Let's start the head. There are 3 main features the size, shape and loft. Here are some factors you should consider... (read more)

Golf Ball Fitting System
Author: Tom Morton | Published: August 2008

1. How important is spin to you? 2. How important is durability to you? 3. How low is your handicap? 4. What long is your driving distance? 5. How important is feel in your ball? 6. How important is price? YOUR SCORE... (read more)

Why get custom fit for a driver?
Author: Paul Trebendis | Published: August 2008

A driver is one of the most important clubs in your bag. With the many choices and information available from manufacturers, golfers of all handicap levels are sure to be confused on what to purchase. Combine this with the well intended efforts provided by... (read more)

How to Select a Hybrid
Author: Daniel S. Agapion | Published: August 2008

Hybrids may be the best invention in golf in recent years. Most every golfer will benefit from a Hybrid(s). Hybrids to most golfers are easier to hit solid and easier to hit higher without giving up... (read more)

Factors to consider when purchasing golf equipment
Author: Eric Wilson | Published: April 2008

When contemplating a major purchase such as golf equipment there is several factors to consider. It is imperative to consider these factors since the level of expertise of the sales staff may vary from source to source. Prior to considering this purchase... (read more)

Do you know what bounce you should play in your wedges?
Author: Jason Coffin | Published: April 2008

Have you ever been fit for a wedge? The most common answer to this question is going to be no. Most golfers have no idea that the characteristics and specifications of a... (read more)

Putter Fitting
Author: Thomas Ritenour | Published: March 2008

The putter may be the most important golf club in the bag since approximately 40 to 50% of all strokes during the round are made with it. The length, lie angle, loft, grip size and shaft orientation are the key factors... (read more)

Three Common equipment woes easily Corrected
Author: Tom Patri | Published: March 2008

As a teaching professional who does not own a shop, nor relies on equipment sales to pay my bills I'm in an extremely powerful position to make recommendations to my students on their equipment... (read more)

How to get custom fit for a set of irons/Wedge
Author: Brad Smith | Published: February 2008

Custom fitted irons were unheard of when I was growing up in the 70’s and playing golf with whatever clubs I had at the time. Most of the players I played with and even my parents had never heard of custom fitted irons... (read more)

General Considerations When Shopping for a Driver
Author: Mark Petrucci | Published: December 2007

The driver is the golf club most often used off of a tee peg from the tee box on Par 4 and Par 5 holes, and may also be used on long Par 3 holes or from the fairway depending on the driver loft, player ability or specific needs of a golf shot... (read more)

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