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Heavy Putter D3-L Steel Putter

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Low: $12.67
Mid: $14.90
High: $17.14

Next update: 5/29/16

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Low: $42.22
Mid: $49.67
High: $57.12

Next update: 5/29/16

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Heavy Putter

Year of Introduction:


MSRP (new):


Head Material:

Stainless Steel

• A Unique heel-shafted Mallet head design with elongated alignment line and double bend shaft
• Thin face design promotes crisper feel at impact and improves MOI of the putter
• Stainless steel clubhead with CNC milled face and black-PVD finish
• Back Weighting System installed in the grip end of the putter shifts the balance point 75 percent higher than conventional putters to help stabilize the stroke
• Higher center of gravity reduces force on the wrists
• Overall weight engages the body's larger stable muscles, resulting in a more consistent pendulum stroke with less deviation in path
The Heavy Putter was invented by Stephen Boccieri, President / CEO or Boccieri Golf. Formally a mechanical engineer for one of the world’s largest petrochemical and nuclear industry engineering companies, Boccieri specialized in the design of piping systems for nuclear power plants. Then he transferred such knowledge of and experience in physics to the golf industry, where for several years he scientifically analyzed high-end shafts and their relationships to clubheads. From there, the Heavy Putter was born. The first Heavy Putter models were officially launched at the 2005 PGA Merchandise Show. Since that time, they have become universally accepted by TOUR professionals and amateurs alike. PGA Tour star Troy Matteson used the Heavy Putter en route to his victory at the 2006 Open, and is one of many touring professionals using the Heavy Putter. Currently, the Heavy Putter is found at 3,000 retail locations in 29 markets worldwide.

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2011 Hot List
Silver Medal
Mallet Putters
The stainless-steel mallet is part of the company's "lite-weight" line, but its overall weight of 600 grams is still about 25 percent heavier than a standard putter. The 65-gram weight in the butt end of the shaft raises the club's balance point. The purpose is to help golfers engage their larger muscles and promote a less-wristy stroke. The face is computer milled, and the inverted, scalloped flange is designed to enhance the sound at impact.
"I find this weighting scheme much more palatable."…"Just holding it can make you feel more planted in your stance."
"Has a slight metallic ping at impact, but a good sound overall. Funny, it looks blocky but really feels smooth."…"The heavier swingweight prevents me from closing the face."…"The alignment features are as clear as can be."
If you're suffering from jittery hands, this putter is like chicken soup for the yips.
On really quick greens, achieving proper distance control takes extra acuity.

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