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Heavy Putter K4-MW Putter

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Heavy Putter

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• Classic "toe-droop" blade with thin top line
• Half-shaft offset on heel-mounted hosel aimed at those who prefer a putter that swings with rotation
• Putter weighs 750 grams compared to traditional brands at 500 grams and previous Heavy Putter models at 900 grams
• Weight Management System shifts the putter's balance point 75% higher up the shaft than conventional putters
• Combining light grip pressure with face balancing allows the putter head to naturally square its face at the moment of impact
• Face balancing also encourages a pure pendulum stroke with a more consistent swing path
• The heavier putter heads engage large muscles and disengage small muscles
• Using the large muscles of the chest, shoulders, and back promotes a pendulum stroke with less deviation in path
• Higher balance point encourages lighter grip pressure which creates a smoother stroke, more solid contact and improves distance control
• Forged steel clubheads with satin finish
The Heavy Putter was invented by Stephen Boccieri, President / CEO or Boccieri Golf. Formally a mechanical engineer for one of the world’s largest petrochemical and nuclear industry engineering companies, Boccieri specialized in the design of piping systems for nuclear power plants. Then he transferred such knowledge of and experience in physics to the golf industry, where for several years he scientifically analyzed high-end shafts and their relationships to clubheads. From there, the Heavy Putter was born. The first Heavy Putter models were officially launched at the 2005 PGA Merchandise Show. Since that time, they have become universally accepted by TOUR professionals and amateurs alike. PGA Tour star Troy Matteson used the Heavy Putter en route to his victory at the 2006 Open, and is one of many touring professionals using the Heavy Putter. Currently, the Heavy Putter is found at 3,000 retail locations in 29 markets worldwide.

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