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Wilson D-100 Graphite Hybrid


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Head Material:

Stainless Steel

• Low profile design with PVD black finish sits square and delivers ultimate confidence at address.
• Optimized head mass relocates the CG more toward the heel makes it easier to square the club face at impact, more towards the rear improves launch angle and spin rate, and lower improves feel and launch angle.
• Progressive head design tailored head and face sizes throughout the lofts deliver maximum forgiveness on all turf conditions.
In 1914, the Ashland Manufacturing Company entered the sporting goods business. Soon renamed Thomas E. Wilson & Co., this marked the beginning of Wilson’s historic contributions to the game of golf. Wilson has always looked to players to help shape its products. In 1922 Gene Sarazen became a member of the Wilson advisory staff (the beginning of a 75 year relationship with the company) During his tenure with Wilson, Sarazen won 39 PGA Titles including 2 US Opens, 3 PGA Championships, a British Open Title and a Masters Victory. He was inducted into the PGA Hall of Fame in 1974. Wilson Golf is marking 90 years in the game by re-launching its Wilson Staff brand, first introduced in 1960. This reincarnation includes a full line of redesigned equipment (irons, drivers, utilities, putters, wedges), balls and accessories for players of all skill levels.

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Wilson brings to hybrids the same lightweight approach it uses for drivers. The D-100 features a 60-gram shaft that's half an inch longer than last year's FYbrid RS. Clubheads are larger on the lower lofts to improve forgiveness and smaller on the higher lofts for better spin control.
"The best thing about this club is its ease of use. No matter what kind of swing you put on it, you get the same high ball flight."
"Maybe it's the light weight, but this club just seemed so easy to hit and control."
The lighter weight helps, but it's the progressive sizing that makes this hybrid efficient in look and function.
The shaft lengths on the higher lofts border on too long, especially for the needs of better players.

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