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Tour Edge Exotics XCG-4 Graphite Driver

  • Estimated Trade-In Value
  • Estimated Resale Value
Low: $15.61
Mid: $18.36
High: $21.11

Next update: 5/29/16

Est. trade-in value based on data and analysis from The PGA Trade-In Network
Low: $52.02
Mid: $61.20
High: $70.38

Next update: 5/29/16

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Tour Edge

Year of Introduction:


MSRP (new):


Head Size:


Head Material:


One of the lightest, most aerodynamic drivers available weighing only 276 grams
Amorphous carbon crown and carbon sole inserts allow 40 grams of weight to be positioned lower in the head
Tungsten sole weights increase MOI by 15% for astounding forgiveness
Boomerang face design maximizes launch speed from more contact points for consistent distance results
Tour Edge was founded in 1968 by David Glod, a former golf pro who set out to change consumer perception of the golf industry by providing a truly high quality product at an affordable price. Headquartered in suburban Chicago, Illinois, this company has grown exponentially since its inception, doubling sales every year through the early 1990s by developing and offering clubs with superior performance and value pricing. Today Tour Edge is one of the fastest growing manufacturers, and in 1996 made the list of the Top 40 manufacturers in Golf Pro Magazine.

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2011 Hot List
Silver Medal
The head features three separate materials: titanium body and face, carbon-fiber crown and sole pieces, and tungsten inserts in the rear sole. The mix of heavy tungsten and light carbon helps lower the CG so players can launch the ball higher with less spin. All parts are joined by a brazing technique that saves weight compared with traditional welding methods. The face has thicker areas shaped like a boomerang to optimize springlike effect and feel.
"Perfect look. Very little sidespin. Tough to miss fairways with this."
"The ball launches high, gets up there, and keeps on going. The look, swingweight, balance and feel are all great. It sounds like a cannon blast. But for this kind of distance, it'd be worth getting used to."
Tour Edge's Exotics line keeps pushing the possibilities of material combinations and manufacturing efforts. We applaud the effort to bring a sub-280-gram version with a 46-gram shaft.
The sound is clangy for some.

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