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See More X4 Nickel Steel Putter

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Low: $30.67
Mid: $36.08
High: $41.49

Next update: 6/5/16

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Low: $68.15
Mid: $80.18
High: $92.21

Next update: 6/5/16

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Head Material:

Stainless Steel/TPU Insert

• RST2 technology offers the benefits of SeeMore’s original RifleScope Technology (RST) in a classic hosel style blade.
• RifleScope technology, the patented and proven alignment system featuring 2 additional parallel white lines and a signature red dot on the top heel of the putter. RST helps the golfer establish a set up and stance that is then perfectly squared up with the putter and the target line for consistently greater performance on the greens and benefits during practice.
• Traditional style blade putter with a plumber neck hosel and a full shaft of offset.
• TPU Poured inset and milled face surface.
The SeeMore Putting System incorporates SeeMore’s patented Red Dot and White Line alignment system to help golfers consistently achieve correct putter set-up, alignment and stroke. By keeping the RED DOT hidden behind the shaft during the putting stroke, golfers are assured that they are making the perfect pendulum stroke. SeeMore putters have been used by PGA touring professionals to win tournaments on all of the major worldwide tours, and was most notably used by Payne Stewart to win the 1999 US Open.

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Mallet Putters
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Thermoplastic urethane is poured into the face cavity, and it's then milled flat. The putter features the company's RifleScope alignment system, and there are two white lines on the flange that are the width of a golf ball, as well as a single line on the top edge.
"I like the boutique aspect of this putter, and the alignment system helps you retool an off-line stroke."
"The dense insert makes it sound pure at impact. It feels as if two tour balls are hitting each other." ..."It's extremely hot off the face, but very consistent. You can really gauge distance to an inch."
A simple mallet--with a precisely engineered face insert--that benefits from the unique alignment technology.
A forward press diminishes those benefits.

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