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Odyssey Versa #1 Black Putter

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• High contrast alignment technology highlights the proper face angle from address to impact.
• The black and white contrast lets your eyes focus in on the linear designs and highlights the face.
• White Hot insert provides consistent sound, feel and performance across the entire putter face.
• Black, white, black paint scheme.
Based in Carlsbad California as part of the Callaway Golf Company, the Odyssey brand of putters first entered the scene in 1990 and has been bringing new product innovations ever since. Beginning in 1991 with their “mallet” putters, featuring resilient material inserts called “stronomic” In the following years Odyssey’s Tour popularity increased dramatically to become the “#1 Putter in Golf” 1995 saw 300 top 10 finishes on the PGA TOUR for Odyssey. Among their most recognized design innovations to date are the 2 Ball White Hot putter and the DFX.

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The vertically striped black/white/black--or white/black/white, if that's what you prefer--paint scheme is meant to help players line the clubface squarely to the target. Even the White Hot face insert features a contrasting color depending on model preference, because Odyssey's research shows that the eye focuses on crisp edges and contrast.
"I'm a big fan of the color contrast; it really helps with alignment. It sits squarely and doesn't require hand manipulation."
"The zebra stripes square up easily. Off the face it's just bliss."..."It has that mallet sound, but it's a blade. Soft and firm at the same time."
When a putter earns the number of affectionate nicknames this one did from our testers, that bodes well.
Players either loved the two-tone look or hated it.

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