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Odyssey ProType Tour Series #6 Steel Putter

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Low: $29.58
Mid: $34.80
High: $40.02

Next update: 6/5/16

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Low: $65.73
Mid: $77.33
High: $88.93

Next update: 6/5/16

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Year of Introduction:


MSRP (new):


Head Material:

1025 Carbon Steel

• Heel toe weighted blade with a slant neck hosel and a half shaft of offset.
• 1025 Carbon Steel Head has the same characteristics to stainless steel except with a slightly softer feel.
• Deep mill pattern on the putter face better feel for the ball and a more consistent roll.
• The world’s best players gave input to the designers to create very finely tuned putters.
• Ideal balance to promote a smooth stroke.
• Club head weight optimization to optimize the feel, control and accuracy of each putter.
• High polish tour satin finish provides a classic and traditional look.
Based in Carlsbad California as part of the Callaway Golf Company, the Odyssey brand of putters first entered the scene in 1990 and has been bringing new product innovations ever since. Beginning in 1991 with their “mallet” putters, featuring resilient material inserts called “stronomic” In the following years Odyssey’s Tour popularity increased dramatically to become the “#1 Putter in Golf” 1995 saw 300 top 10 finishes on the PGA TOUR for Odyssey. Among their most recognized design innovations to date are the 2 Ball White Hot putter and the DFX.

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A high-end line of 1025 carbon-steel putters designed to mimic the shapes of Odyssey’s most popular putters on tour (Ernie Els’ #2, Phil Mickelson’s #9, etc.). All feature a deep face mill and a “rake” sole bevel designed to limit interference with the leading edge at impact.
“You pick it up and immediately know it’s a high-end putter. The roll is one of the purest I’ve experienced.” . . . “I hit a couple off the toe, and the putter still felt stable with some good roll out.”
“When struck purely, it feels completely weightless, and the ball tracks perfectly like it knows where it’s going.”
An Odyssey putter for purists who don’t want a face insert, and it feels every bit as exclusive as its $270 pricetag.
The metallic silver finish can cause too much sun glare.

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