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Nickent Pipe PP/003 Putter

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The patent-pending and USGA conforming PIPE putter was designed with a cylinder pipe on the top of the clubhead to provide a 3-dimesional visual readout of exactly where your putter is lined up
It has ultra-light thermoplastic centerpiece surrounded by heavier steel, which pushes additional weight to the perimeter of the clubhead
A heavy tungsten plug in the rear of the pipe section accounts for 15% of the putter's weight, producing a very high Moment of Inertia (MOI) to resist twisting on miss-hits and to bring back the Center of Gravity (CG)
The combination of thermoplastic and steel produces a very high moment of inertia and an extremely low center of gravity that can only be accomplished by an expanded mallet that has maximum ground-level weighting
The expanded mallet keeps the clubhead stable throughout the swing, encouraging a pendulum stroke
The putter weighs 346 grams, the ideal weight for players of all levels to sink longer putts
The P-Line face insert is a proprietary advanced polymer composite with a 98 hardness rating that produces the perfect combination of soft feel and stability at impact
While every golfer may be different, we all demand the same thing from our game, performance. Performance on the course and performance from our golf equipment. At Nickent Golf, their entire development process is born out of a 100% commitment to performance. This commitment is driven by a dedication to advanced technologies and an absolute focus on design innovation.

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