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Cobra AMP Graphite Driver

  • Estimated Trade-In Value
  • Estimated Resale Value
Low: $21.01
Mid: $24.72
High: $28.43

Next update: 5/29/16

Est. trade-in value based on data and analysis from The PGA Trade-In Network
Low: $60.04
Mid: $70.63
High: $81.22

Next update: 5/29/16

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Head Size:


Head Material:


• E9 Face Technology has a 30 percent larger sweet spot and a tilted bulge and roll clubface.
• Adjustable Flight Technology provides three face angle settings, from Open to Neutral and Closed.
• Ultra thin walls to save weight and 15 grams of mass was moved deep and back in the clubhead to optimize the CG location and get the maximum distance.
Cobra is among the fastest growing golf club brands in the industry, experiencing significant market share increase within its metal woods and irons category. Cobra’s mission is to make the game more enjoyable for golfers by offering quality performance and innovative technology-based products at a fair price. Cobra products are designed for the ‘average, avid’ golfer, with performance goals of distance, greater accuracy and forgiveness.

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2012 Hot List Gold
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The AMP has three face-angle settings, but the real trick is how the swingweight, face curvature and shaft length change depending on the loft. Swingweights get lighter and shafts get longer as lofts increase to give slow swingers more speed and fast swingers more control.
I love the look. The face is softer but plenty hearty.”
“Very easy to swing—almost self-correcting, like it had a gyroscope in it.” . . . “Unlike previous Cobra drivers, it has a nice pop at impact.”
Although the face technology shouldn’t be overlooked, this Rickie Fowler-looking driver moves in bold new directions. Increasing the shaft length as the lofts get higher is the driver-engineering equivalent of the straight-bill hat.
Three adjustable settings seem insufficient.

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