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Bridgestone Precept Tour Stage TS-211 Steel Iron set

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Low: $62.47
Mid: $73.50
High: $84.52

Next update: 5/29/16

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Low: $218.65
Mid: $257.24
High: $295.83

Next update: 5/29/16

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Bridgestone Precept

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• The tour Stage TS-211 is manufactured under the Bridgestone label
• Designed to achieve consistent ball flight trajectory from iron to iron
• Defining characteristic of the TS-211 is Bridgestone’s “Air Muscle” design
• “Hollow” design enables weight to be concentrated individually in each iron for each need
• In the longer irons weight is amassed deep toward the sole and lower on the face for ease of getting the ball airborne and high trajectory
• The mid irons have a substantial amount of weight toward the sole but begin to reorient weight a bit higher for increased control
• The short irons weight is evenly distributed from top to bottom of the blade for the most distance, spin and trajectory control
Bridgestone Tire Co., Ltd., currently Bridgestone Corporation, was founded in 1931 by Shojiro Ishibashi. For more than 70 years the company has been building its reputation for innovation and quality. There is a wide variety of products sold under the Bridgestone name in nearly every nation worldwide. While Bridgestone Corporation has its roots as a tire company, its experience and expertise in rubber has spread to a variety of industries, including sports. In 1972, Bridgestone Sports Co., Ltd. was founded, and it now comprises 10 marketing companies, an overseas marketing network, and manufacturing facilities throughout the world. In 1985 Bridgestone Sports (U.S.A.) established its home in Norcross, Ga., to produce golf balls for the U.S. market, and soon thereafter Bridgestone golf clubs were also distributed in the US market.

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